// begin notCaptcha strings $txt['notcaptcha_gd_not_enabled'] = '

ERROR: notCaptcha plugin: GD image support not detected in PHP!

'; $txt['notcaptcha_jpegpnggif'] = '

ERROR: notCaptcha plugin: no image create function (imagepng/imagejpeg/imagegif) function not detected in PHP!

'; $txt['notcaptcha_form1'] = 'Complete the Captcha:'; $txt['notcaptcha_form2'] = 'Place these icons vertically'; $txt['notcaptcha_reload'] = 'Reload images'; $txt['notcaptcha_move_em'] = 'Move the sliders to arrange the icons vertically.'; $txt['notcaptcha_nojs'] = 'ERROR: You need to enable JavaScript and allow temporary cookies!'; $txt['notcaptcha_error_notdone'] = 'ERROR: Please complete the Captcha.'; $txt['notcaptcha_error_toomuch'] = 'ERROR: You have made too many attempts to enter Captcha. Press your browser\'s back button, reload images and try again.'; $txt['notcaptcha_error_session'] = 'ERROR: Incorrect session. Please go back and reload the page.'; $txt['notcaptcha_error_cookie'] = 'ERROR: Cookie not set. Make sure temporary cookies are allowed and try again.'; $txt['notcaptcha_error_fail'] = 'ERROR: That Captcha was incorrect.'; $txt['mobile_theme_id'] = 'Theme to use for mobile devices'; Login


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